flat-rate laundry & dry cleaning service "if it fits the bag, you know the price!"
know exactly where your laundry is get real-time status updates directly to your phone
same day pick up & delivery get your laundry done as soon as 6 hours


if it fits in the bag, you know the price!

  • large bag - flat rate wash & fold$29.99fits an avg. of 23~25lb of laundry
  • medium bag - flat rate wash & fold$19.99fits an avg. of 16~17lb of laundry
  • large items* $19.99blankets, comferters etc.
    * Price starting at $19.99 and up to $29.99

dry cleaning prices

  • full-length coat
  • 2pc suit
  • tablecloth
  • jumpsuit
  • suite jacket
  • blazer
  • coat
  • dress
  • blouses
  • hoodie
  • zipped jacket
  • polo
  • shirt
  • skirt
  • vest
  • pants
  • scarves
  • tux shirt
  • tie
  • pillow case
  • laundered shirts

group and corporate services

naki for business
Interested in offering this service to your employees? Same day turnaround, corporate branded Naki at a special price contact@nakilaundry.com
naki for education
Interested in Naki for a College or University? Great prices for your students available contact@nakilaundry.com

our customers love us!

Naki Laundry
william Tiki

Gotta lov @NakiLaundry! Got my laundry pickedup yesterday evening, and got it right back early this morning. Lov it!

8:36 AM - 26 Feb 2014
Jon Carlo

Came how to find this lovely gift waiting for me! Thanks Naki Laundry for doing thing I hate doing most!... http://fb.me/6rVSbirlK

1:45 PM - 21 Feb 2014
Nicolas G Gerard

Just had my first pickup. What an awesome service #nakilaundry

5:59 AM - 28 Feb 2014
Jeremy Weinstein

Laundry just returned to work by @NakiLaundry Such a time saver. Doing again next week.

4:16 PM - 27 Feb 2014
Alon Goren

I love when my laundry gets picked up at work and delivered back home the same day! #nakilaundry

4:26 PM - 27 Feb 2014

naki laundry

how is my laundry washed?

  • Sorting: We separate your whites and colors
  • Wash & Dry: Cold Wash/Warm, medium dry unless otherwise noted
  • Hangers: To be more environmentally friendly, all delicate items are carefully dried and then folded rather than hung
  • Detergent: We use well-known and accredited detergent brands for your laundry. If you would like to provide a specific detergent for us to wash your laundry with, we will be more than happy to do so, just add it in the blue bag
  • Special Requests: Let us know at contact@nakilaundry.com before your pickup
  • Dry Cleaning: We use non-toxic solvents when dry cleaning your laundry

contact us

questions, suggestions - we would love to hear from you!

a naki representative will get back to you as soon as possible

contact us by phone

(818) 826-1533

What do I do on my first pickup?

  • In case you are not home or in a hurry:
    1. Place your laundry and dry cleaning in separate bags. Put a slip of paper that says "dry cleaning" to mark the separate bags.
    2. For your first Medium/Large Naki Wash & Fold laundry order, use any bag that's about the size of a Medium/Large kitchen bag (8/13 gallons, respectively).
    3. Place your laundry outside or hand your laundry directly to your Naki driver.
    4. Your laundry and dry cleaning will be returned in special complementary Naki bags for you to use on your next pickup.
  • If you are home:
    1. Once we arrive we will give you complementary Naki bags to transfer your laundry and dry cleaning into.
    2. Your dry cleaning and laundry will be returned in special Naki bags for you to use on your next pickup.